Community Opportunity

PRO PACE Partnerships

We invite all businesses to become our “Partner” by sending referrals of their clients to Pro Promo in order to educate and assist the property owner on key pieces of legislation, energy upgrades available through the programs.

In this unique business to business “partnership” our hand selected contractors are required to “Profit Share” with our Pro “Partner” who provides the referral.

Many of our “Partners” have discovered an additional revenue stream for their business without having to change or alter their existing business plan.

PRO Home Team Partnerships

We invite all members of each community to activity educate and assist homeowners on a grass roots level by use of social media, face to face events as a team out in the streets. Each day there are income opportunities for “The Pro Home Partner” to engage with other likeminded individuals who are interested in educating and assisting other homeowners in their local communities.

PRO Home Referral Partnerships

This partnership was created for the person who wants to casually be involved in the PRO Community. Maybe it’s as simple as referring a friend or relative or a friend in need. Either way “The Pro Homeowner Referral Partnership” provides a $500 visa prepaid card for every homeowner you refer and use the programs for the energy upgrades.

Pro Volunteer

Opportunities Partnerships

At “Pro Promotions” we take our responsibility of giving back to the communities that support our businesses every seriously. We provide “Free Community Events” for businesses and communities to connect. If you’d like to join us for a day or weekend of fun, interactive good old fashioned community activism and lend your voice in helping us inform the public we are completely open and inviting to treat you! If you own a company, you can also be a featured sponsor at the events you wish to attend. For more information on the “Pro Volunteer Opportunity Partnership” please email our Pro Program Director, Rose Romo at or call (888) 268-5846.

PRO Educational & Training Opportunity

At Pro Promo “HQ” we provide the necessary training and education needed for you, your business or your organization. We offer these opportunities to all interested in learning how the Programs can benefit homeowners, businesses and individuals. We can also come to your business or organization for scheduled educational time of training. To scheduled your individual group or organization training Please reach out to Pro Program Director Rose Romo at (888) 268-5846.